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My Purpose: To give people the inspiration, knowledge and financial freedom to achieve their hopes and dreams.

                            - Robert Spick

About the Author/Creator of MoreMoney®

Robert Spick was born and raised in the rural areas near Vancouver, Canada where he learned the basics of survival at an early age. He was taught that if you wanted to be warm in the winter you had better have enough wood stacked, then you had better go get it and light the fire.

He said, “Growing up in a rural area you get to know and like people and you learn to help and care for your neighbor. You get a real appreciation for life, you get a healthy respect for life. You see and understand the relationship between work and survival. You learn a good balance.”


This attitude has carried through his life into his work and career. Although he is trained in several vocations he has always spent time volunteering and helping others. He was originally following his passion for the outdoors so he completed a college program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology to be trained as a Forestry Technician. He worked for local forestry companies as well as the Federal Fisheries. Later he became a trained and licensed Electrical Contractor. Although this was all very satisfying work he felt there was more to life and wanted to expand his knowledge and help others.


He first came across the administrative works of Mr. Hubbard in 1979. Seeing the practical workability of the material he became fully trained in the Hubbard Ethics, Justice and Administrative system. This involved very intensive study of 11 volumes of business material and many lectures on the subjects of Ethics, Justice and Administration, as well as a lengthy internship. He has been using the knowledge successfully ever since. After completing the studies of this information, he initially volunteered for several years to help others apply this training in the work a day world. In 2002 he decided to further his administrative studies and attended the Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles to become an Accredited and Certified Business Consultant.


In 2003 he moved to the United States to accept a position as a partner in a Consulting business. Although it was a great experience and offer, it turned out to not be a good move financially. He returned to Canada on the verge of bankruptcy and decided he better thoroughly review his own financial knowledge and procedures. From this thorough review he realized that he and most others were approaching the subject of finances backwards. He saw most people around him also had too much credit and too much debt, borrowing money rather than earning it.


He decided to get out of the debt trap. He also realized that others really needed help and so he developed a Financial Planning program that was easy, informative and successful. He developed the More Money® Financial Planning Program. Over the next several years while testing and fine-tuning the program he worked to successfully reverse his poor financial picture and grow a successful construction business.


His business success and statistics as well as the many success stories from the More Money Program are testimony to the workability of the Hubbard Administrative Technology and the More Money Program.


He is now debt free. He, his wife and son are now able to really enjoy life and achieve their personal and business goals. He lives with his wife in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.


With his administrative and business training, and his years of business experience he is pursuing his passions of business development, consulting and helping others.

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