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Success Story

“I loved the More Money Course the moment I leafed through its pages and saw all the valuable tech on finance in a simple format with electronic worksheets for all financial needs. So it went, here’s the tech and now apply it using these worksheets. Couldn’t have been easier! I bought the pack immediately and then presented it to the owners of Measurable Solutions, Inc. They asked to have some changes made and Rob Spick simply said yes and got it done along with issue authority. It came back to us ready to be sold and delivered. Our clients who had abandoned all hope of ever managing their business finances, flocked to the course and shortly were heard to admit that prior to the course they had given up but the More Money course brought them out of their lower conditions and up to a full understanding of finances. They even wanted to do finances. This course will definitely fill a hole in your training line-up."  - P.T.

"Thanks so much for the More Money Program. The Workbook has everything in it that you need to know about how to handle money. I have read it a couple of times now and each time I read it I changed some things in my business that have made it more successful and able to make more money. Since I have been following this program I have been consistently making and keeping more money, both in my business and personal finances.

With life and business being so fast and hectic these days it’s nice at least to now have stability and prediction in my finances. Thanks." - D.K.

"I really valued the source information provided in the program More Money.

In past years I‘ve attended workshops, seminars, and read books, listened to lectures, so on so forth in part regarding finances and the management of.  What I recognized as time progressed, and even more so in learning the More Money steps, is that my knowledge was incomplete and disorganized – Mainly because I did not necessarily know what and when and why for so much of what I was taught...information and reasons for were missing and made my understanding incomplete.  How this affected me is I would not apply much of what I learned and perhaps partially knew.  And I made poor decisions (no pun intended) at times because of it. For example, the old adage save 10% of your income, and create a long-term savings plan.  All-fine-and-dandy.  But how did this relate for instance to my production, bills owing, bad dept, hard work, future goals, and the percentage I needed to put aside in relation to all of the above. Also a long burning question for me remained throughout my studies and seeking of knowledge in past, which was, “how do I organize my income and cash flow and prioritize making money against my purpose and passion so I remain fulfilled?” Basically, More Money helped me better understand what money is, how it relates to hard work aka production, and what my role needs to be in relation to life regarding money while I pursue my goals. It’s therefore an understatement to say I’ve got my bank accounts and financial management very organized now.  I was actually at the bank shortly after nicknaming the various accounts I’ve opened and aligned with the More Money Program, and the tellers words were, 'wow, this is so organized'.  I took that as a compliment considering they review hundreds of customer accounts daily no doubt; apparently mine stands out. Needless to say this program has brought confidence, clarity and direction to my life, decisions and actions. And I know with this knowledge I am more stable and more able to create what I want. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be at cause with their financial future."


                                      With much appreciation,
                                      Entrepreneur and Artist - R.A.

"I have found the More Money Program to be very user friendly. I have enjoyed getting stable data that then becomes the foundation of a financial plan. It is nice to know that there is an actual technical remedy to my financial woes. I would gladly recommend this program to others."  -  H. W.

"About six months ago I decided to uproot myself from my Californian lifestyle and I moved from Hollywood up to Vancouver, British Columbia. As it turns out, Vancouver is one of the wealthiest port cities in the Western hemisphere with an annual economy of $43 Billion. Acclimating myself to the higher cost of living was a shock for the first month. Living in Los Angeles was CHEAP compared to living in Vancouver. A friend of mine shared with me the financial tools contained in the More Money Program and I bought the downloadable version for $37. It’s basically a series of spreadsheets that anybody can use to organize ALL of their expenses in two-dimensional form, allowing them to really see their monthly costs of living, even the obscure little costs we forget about. The program also forces you to build in Reserve Account savings and Building Account savings into your weekly financial planning, for such things as unexpected times of hardship or domestic property acquisition. It’s the sanest, simplest program of its kind written by a man who went from the brink of bankruptcy to financial success, using these steps and spreadsheets. I checked and the program is fully accredited by WISE® International and authorized by it’s issue authority team. The More Money Program has helped me be at cause over expenses, reserves and the household budget. I am on top of my finances now.


I’ll probably see a 100X return on that investment by the second quarter of this year.  He also sells a printed Business version for which is hardcopy and includes a CD. It’s just awesome. If you’re having any financial stress in your life, spend the $37 and buy the Program and the spreadsheets, download them and start putting in your Financial Planning Program Number 1. Short of getting your MBA overnight, this is probably the next best thing that you could do for yourself."  - A.M.   

"My husband and I were very excited to get this program, since we had found our way to handling our financial disaster with no road out. The road in was easy. It is marked very clearly to lead one to ruin. But where was the way out? The More Money Program has the best map out of this stressful situation. We knocked around with other programs to aide us with our plight, which of course just cost us more time and money and really only prolonged the misery, NOT lead us out of the jungle. The More Money Program has lead us out of the jungle! We are presently finishing up the construction of a sound financial foundation and the future looks incredibly stable and bright! It is an awesome program and I will be referring it to others. Thank you Robert Spick for caring enough to share your knowledge so the rest of us can be financially free."  -  P. I.

"Before I started filling in the Expense Worksheet I thought “Hey I should be able to find these costs in no time flat!”, but the way the program is laid out it really makes you think. Also the section on Communication and Confront really came in useful when I started this Expense Worksheet. I realized I spent much more on things than I thought. I started to put in numbers, then realized that there were other times that I also spent money on that item. Now I know why he advises to take your time, be accurate and confront it. That’s the first step. I also realized I need to make MORE MONEY!"  -  J. P.

"I just finished Step One, The Expense Worksheet of More Money – the Personal and Family Financial Planning Program #1. I found it really easy to read and I didn’t need a dictionary at all. I love the way Rob adds his own comments as it made me feel like he was there telling me how to do it. Plus I got that he knows of what he speaks. He’s been there in the same situation I am in. The way it is written has kept me really interested. So far I love it!!" - E. P.

"From the first time I laid eyes on the More Money – Personal and Family Financial Planning Program #1 I was very impressed. I thought of several people that I wanted to get onto it right away. The program includes all of the basic information that one needs to actually confront their financial situation and get control of it. With the economy the way it is, it is more important than ever for individuals to be in control of their financial lives and doing this program is the easiest way to do it that I know of."  -   A. G.

"The More Money Program really did help me. It made me confront details and caused me to look and handle some false data I had about a source of income. It caused me to find another source of income. I honestly would have NOT looked at the other source of income as a viable way to actually create an income before your program. No BS. What I have learned in the past year has been life changing for me due to having first read and done your program. Thanks Rob!!" -  C. F.

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