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About the Program

The More Money® Workbook and Financial Planning Program were written to help you, your family and your friends really understand money and the basics of finances. It was written to help you become financially free.

Today more than any time in our past we need to understand about money and plan well with what money we have. I know what it is like to be trapped by debt.

A few years ago I decided to relocate to a new job. This “seemed” like a good idea. It was a good business experience but a financial disaster. The job move and a couple of other factors brought me to the verge of bankruptcy. We had almost 400,000.00 in personal and business debt, not including the mortgage, and little income coming in. I was about to lose everything I owned and had worked for. I didn’t declare bankruptcy, but I sure was in a very bad situation that I needed to remedy. I was very trapped by debt.


Having some training in management I knew I needed to find a stable datum to help remove the financial confusion from my life. The stable datum that I chose was that regardless of anyone else or any other circumstances I was fully responsible for my poor condition and I could and would do something about it. 

In reviewing my situation I realized I either didn’t know enough about finances and financial planning or I was not correctly applying the knowledge I did have. So I decided to restudy what I was supposed to know and to learn new information to get myself sorted out. While reviewing and studying information regarding finances, production and financial planning I realized that I and most people were incorrectly applying the real basics of common sense financial planning.


We were spending more than we were making. We were not saving enough money. We were using too much credit and to compound the matter we didn’t know enough about the subject of money, finances or financial planning to properly control our own finances. We were violating natural laws about money.

Once I had reviewed the material and realized these basic outnesses I was quickly able to formulate a plan for myself to correct the horrible state of my finances and life. It took some years of hard work but I did turn around my situation. During this time I also realized that with this new found information I could put together a step by step financial program for others to follow that would help them to understand these natural laws and work their way out of the debt trap and into a state of real financial freedom.


What do I mean by natural laws? I mean laws based upon nature or the natural tendency of things. A natural law is a rule or statement of what always occurs under certain conditions. For example when an apple or some other object falls, it falls down. It doesn’t fall up and it doesn’t fall sideways. It falls down. That is the law of gravity. Another example of a natural law or action is that when the temperature goes down to 32 degrees, water begins to freeze. Or, when the sun rises it rises from the East and then sets in the West.


These are natural laws, or actions based on natural laws. Well, in life, if we understand and work with or within these natural laws then we can put their power to work for us and we can improve our ability to survive.

Money, finances and that big word “economics” also follow some natural laws.


If you know and apply these natural laws about money and finances in your life, you will survive better. The subject of finances will be less confusing. You can create less debt and you can make more money.


What are some of these natural laws about money and finances? Well, just as I had to learn them, you will need to read the book and do the program to really learn and understand them. But I can tell you that one law has to do with the subject of Exchange. If a person consumes more than they produce for a long period of time then their Exchange is “out” or bad. Their survival and the survival of others around them becomes threatened or harmed.

This applies to a person, a family, a business, a government or a country. Perhaps you can think of a person or government or country that consumes more than they produce. In other words they don’t work much, but they take or use up a lot.


Why are some people successful and others not? Successful people are following and applying these natural laws. I now follow these natural laws.


Over the last few years by standardly applying these natural laws regarding production, exchange and finances, I have completely reversed my once horrible financial situation. Where I was once on the verge of bankruptcy I am now affluent and growing more so.


My income has been steadily increasing for 8 years, it’s up about 2000 percent, that’s a lot. We have reduced our debt down to almost zero. Because I set money aside and pay cash for things we have very little owing in terms of bills or debt.

Because of my knowledge of the basics of money and successful application of these natural laws I have been able to get out of the debt trap. I have also been able to create this step by step financial planning program that others have been successfully using to greatly improve their financial situations.

The program is a combination of an easy to understand workbook and some easy to use spreadsheets that step by step educate you on the basics of money and finances. Step by step it shows you how to get control over and reduce your expenses plus increase your income. It comes complete with spreadsheets for listing and tracking your expenses. You just fill in the blanks and the spreadsheets add it all up.

The program helps you to deal with financial stress. It helps you to understand how to create real savings and how to start investing. It teaches you success formulas that you can understand and apply to help increase your income. It teaches you what these natural laws are and how to use them.

There is something important to know about money and finances. If you don’t know these natural laws your survival will be less than it could be.

This work book and program will help you learn, understand and apply these natural laws about money and finances to your life. By doing this program you will increase your ability to make more money.

It is not hard to learn them, just about anyone can do it, it just takes some time.

Do yourself and your family a favour. Learn these natural laws and take these steps as covered in this program to help you create financial freedom.

You can do it.

To use the More Money Program to improve your statistics, click here.  

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