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What THEY see is what YOU get

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar

Tina’s going to share a important STORY and lesson in this email…

Print it out, reflect on it and TAKE ACTION.

Do you remember when the movie The Secret first came out and people thought you could just put up a picture of something you wanted and it magically just came to you?

Guess what?

It doesn’t work that way! Big surprise huh?

ACTION and Intent are what move those images from a picture to a reality!

—————————————- ACTION means YOU. Intent means WHY. —————————————

I learned a huge lesson from my oldest daughter about this when she told me…

Mom…that ‘vision board’ thing didn’t work!

She told me that she did just I said and put her pictures up and NOTHING came true.

Looking at her board…

Twas discovered that she made…

NO plan of ACTION

To get the better grades and her Intent (especially as a 16 YO) to get the new Range Rover because it was nicer that something a friend had was a bit ascue.

1. First thing we did was glue a MIRROR in the middle of that board.

2. Next we put this statement on the bottom:

YOU are 100% responsible for your Everything

3. Then we looked at the INTENT around some of what she was striving.

Simply changing the reason for getting the car to “helping with family transportation” instead of “to have something better then someones elses”

Made a huge difference.

———————————————————— The ONE thing that made the HUGEST difference was that mirror in the middle. ———————————————————–

Seeing yourself taking ACTION to create a ripple of reflections and positive Intent…

…will change the way you see those images on that board!

It goes from being just a Vision Board of dreams to a Reflections Board that you can see yourself taking action on and achieving those dreams.

2012 is the Year of YOU!

—————-True example of what we did: ————-

Maria and I have put our stakes in the ground and created OUR own Reflections Boards with very specific ACTION and Intents that include YOU!

Take a peek…

Do this TODAY:

1.) Grab a simple piece of poster board or foam board and glue a mirror in the middle (both are simple things you can get at a Dollar store!)

2.) Write your Mantra across the top

3.) Write “you are 100% Responsible for Your Everything on the Bottom”

Then start filling in the white space with what you see YOURSELF taking ACTION on with good INTENT and create an awesome ripple effect that will effect all those around you in 2012!

One thing on a past Reflection Board of mine was to see the Ball drop in New York City with my family…

I just finished writing this and NOW…

We are off to hop on a train to BIG NYC Times Square to do just that in a few hours! (see it works!)

YOUR Success is OURS!

Let’s make 2012 the best year ever together!

Maria, Tina, Trish, Angela, Isabelle, Art and the whole gang!

Wildhorse Performance Marketing, PO Box 594, Pleasant Grove, UT 84663, USA

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